Saturday, October 25, 2008

Twilight (Book)

New Moon (Book)

Twilight movie poster, movie merchandise-ish stuff (If any movie merchandise comes out sometime before my birthday, that is. The movie comes out Nov 21 so I have no idea when they'll start selling Twilight stuff)

Ed Hardy stuff (it's a designer brand that sells stuff that is tattoo-looking and/or rhinestoned. The cheaper stuff is at Nordstrom or places like that)

I Can Has Cheezburger Book

iHome lamp

Indiana Jones on DVD
Iron Man on DVD
Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything on DVD

Jonas Brothers posters and merchandise from Limited Too

Jonas Brothers bags (Limited Too or Libby Lu)

Here is what I want for my birthday

OKAY PEOPLE! So here is a blog of everything I want for my birthday.

Please realize that I don't expect 500 dollar gifts from people, and the more expensive items here are wishful thinking towards my mom. Thank you.

I only made this blog because I find writing on paper to be old fashioned, not because I'm trying to make a scene with my presents. :D GRACIAS